Achievement Scheme

Learning to fly

Beginners may use the club trainer to master the basics.  The student’s transmitter is linked to an instructor’s, who can take over if (when) control is lost.  This way, fewer models get written-off on their maiden flight!

The BMFA (British Model Flying Association) has a set of standards which model pilots can work towards.

The A Certificate (Fixed Wing)

This is a measure of flying ability and safety which “may be equated to a safe solo standard of flying”

See the BMFA Fixed Wing A Certificate information video at: 


The B Certificate (Fixed Wing)

This is designed to recognise the pilot’s more advanced ability, and a demonstrated level of safety suitable for flying at a public display.  For many years the 'B' Certificate has been seen as a 'display licence' but, in fact, it has always been much more that. It was set up in the first place as a method of encouraging club flyers to gain further flying skills by meeting and being tested to a recognised national standard. 

The C Certificate (aerobatics)

The 'C' Certificate (Aerobatics) has been designed to give a pilot who has already attained a ‘B’ Certificate an opportunity to take a further test to show more advanced skills. The ‘C’ Certificate (AE) is not a substitute for the ‘B’ but is a personal achievement level that will be shown as an endorsement on the pilot’s BMFA membership card.  The level of competence and knowledge required from a candidate for the ‘C’ Certificate (AE) should be significantly in advance of that required for a ‘B’.  The ‘C’ Certificate (AE) is not a ‘show licence’ but is a way to encourage the development of more advanced personal flying skills by meeting, and being tested to, a recognised national standard. A pilot wishing to take the ‘C’ certificate (AE) must already hold a ‘B’ certificate (FW).

The candidate for the 'C' should have studied the BMFA handbook and have a considerable depth of knowledge of model flying in general.

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