Where and When to Find Us

When travelling from Henstridge or Stalbridge on the A357 turn into DREWS LANE which is almost opposite Stalbridge Church. (Taking care with the tight left turn when  coming from the Henstridge direction) Continue to the end of this narrow lane and turn left through a gate onto what was once a part of the Somerset Dorset Railway permanent way. Drive to the end of what is left of this track to our parking area. (Be sure to leave  all gates as you found them)






Weather permitting our Planned Flying Days and Times are as follows:-

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (BST from 2pm) (GMT from 1pm). However most members tend to arrive at about 2pm throughout the year.

Sunday (from 10am until approx. 1230pm). Sunday afternoon flying is not permitted by the farmer.

Bank Holidays (from 10am until approx. 1pm)

Apart from Sunday afternoons, flying on the site is permitted on non planned days but in accordance with current club rules members must make arrangements so that at least two persons are present and that one should be an experienced flyer.

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