British Model Flying Association


The club is fully affiliated with the British Model Flying Asssociation (BMFA). This means that when joining the club, you also become a member of the BFMA if you aren't already a member.

The BMFA offers a complete assurance package to promote and protect model flying in the UK and undertakes to represent all model fliers at the highest level. This includes negotiation with our national and local government departments, the Civil Aviation Authority, international bodies such as the FAI and CIAM, and a wide variety of aviation, sports and recreational bodies. By maintaining close contact with the authorities we maintain the model flyer's status by achieving national recognition and self regulation.

The following services are also provided to its members and clubs:

  • Provides £10 million third party insurance cover

  • Central Council for Physical Recreation Approved Insurance

  • Member's Handbook

  • Flying Site Planning and Protection (clubs only)

  • Instructor Scheme

  • Achievement Scheme

  • Education Programmes

  • Personal copies of BMFA News

  • Regular Club Information Bulletins (clubs only)

  • Advice, Assistance and Support whenever required on all aspects of model flying.

  • Provision of free information pamphlets on a wide variety of topics.

The BMFA's own website provides a lot more detail about it's activities and the huge benefits it provides to model aviators:

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